Having a pet at home is becoming more common these days. Many people want a dumb face at home to be their companion. Children adore pets. However, many pets then end up in shelters because there is no one to take care of them when their owners feel that it takes too much time to care for them. Before getting a pet, think carefully about how much time you can devote to it. Even people with little or no time can have a pet at home.

Fish, snails, and insects

The great advantage of these animals is that they usually require minimal care. There are many species of fish in aquariums. African snails are also popular, and these too require no special care. They can live for a long time and grow to a fairly robust size. Insects such as scarecrows can also be kept. The downside of these animals is that they do not play well together.


Rodents, cats

Guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits are already pets that can really be pets. Guinea pigs and hamsters are suitable for children because they are not as hands-on as dogs and children can participate in their care. They do require daily feeding, but it is not so hard as to make them dizzy. Cats are very similar, but it depends on the breed. Some cats lie on the couch all day, others disappear and are not seen for two days. Occasionally, a domestic cat will bring in a half-dead mouse, a sparrow, or even a neighbor\’s parrot.



take longer and require more walking. Some breeds can live with you in an apartment, while others need a large yard and lots of exercise. And your dog will usually be an integral part of your life. When you get a dog, you need to choose the right breed. Don\’t want your dog to be in the house just because you don\’t have the space.