What about Christmas cleaning?

If you want to enjoy the quiet Christmas atmosphere this year, it is important to plan your pre-Christmas cleaning well in advance. The following tips and recommendations will help you do just that. If you follow them, this annual getaway will be a breeze!

žena na pohovce, nohy nahoře, vánoční ponožky


Cleaning the kitchen tends to take the most time, so we recommend starting there. The cleaner the kitchen is, the easier it will be to bake Christmas cookies. Start with the windows and window sills. If you feel up to it, you can decorate them after washing them. Start cleaning from the ceiling and wash all the places that get dusty all year round, such as chandeliers and cupboard tops. There are special degreasers that make cleaning the kitchen easier. Then remove all food from the cupboards, wash the inside with spring water, lay down new food paper if necessary, throw away expired food, and put the rest back. Do the same with the cupboards, sorting out damaged dishes and dishes that are no longer used. Wash the outside of the cupboards as well, focusing on the handles. Do the same for rice cookers. Freezers should be defrosted, expired food from the refrigerator discarded, and washed with vinegar water. The area around sinks and faucets, where various types of dirt tend to accumulate, should also be carefully attended to, and descaling should be done as necessary. Microwave ovens and hoods should also be wiped clean and filters replaced as needed.


After the kitchen, we recommend tackling the bathrooms. Again, all cabinets should be washed and sifted for expired or unused cosmetics. Then focus on the drains, cleaning them if necessary, paying attention to the faucets, descaling and polishing them dry. Wipe tiles and appliances and polish all mirrors. Thoroughly clean all sanitary ware. Finally, wash all rugs and the bathroom will smell beautiful and clean.
houbičky na nádobí, hadr na úklid

Living room

The living room also begins with the windows and chandeliers. Wash all cupboards, too, and sort out old, broken, or unused items. Pay special attention to the sofa. If there are no washable covers, it is advisable to book a contractor to wash them in plenty of time. Finally, wipe down the TV and shower all flowers.


In the bedrooms, first wash the windows, window frames, and chandeliers as well. All cupboards and bedside tables should also be washed. All unnecessary clothing should be sorted out. If possible, wash or at least vacuum the mattress covers. Wash all bedding and bedspreads. Dry-clean duvets and pillows.