Post-Christmas sales, don’t get caught!

Under the tree, gifts are unwrapped, but so are the monetary ones. Visit the mall and spend it all quickly.
Of course, that\’s fine, but choose carefully. The most common criteria, of course, are the products you want and their lowest price; after the two-day holiday weekend, when all the major stores reopened after closing, there were plenty of tempting signs of post-Christmas bargain sales. Some stores are offering up to 70% off the original price!
vánoční stromeček a nápis sale
This temptation is working properly. Especially if the discount signs are in very bold colors, they will definitely grab our attention. But be warned, not everything is as rosy as the retailer portrays it.
What to watch out for when shopping?

If you\’re heading to the store with the intention of buying as cheaply as possible, first and foremost, act rationally.
– Tell them what you want to buy.
Sometimes, there are situations in which people are so euphoric that they are misled by the cheap price tag and start buying everything because it is cheap. In the end, when you get home, you may not even take half of the items out of your closet and you will never save any money, but instead you may end up making more expensive purchases.
žena a nad ní číslice s procenty

Don\’t be fooled.

When buying electronics or clothing, whether online or in a physical store, be especially careful of the original price. Sometimes prices are not realistic. Prices are inflated to make customers think they have bought the best and, most importantly, the lowest possible price on the item. You can check prices using Internet search engines. Of course, this is easy in the case of electronics, where you enter exact specifications, but for clothing it is very rough.
Another scam is that a retailer promises a 70% discount, but when the difference between the discounted price and the original price is calculated, the difference is only 10%. In any case, you need to think carefully about what you are buying to avoid being deceived.
If you are lucky, you may get what you want, but this is doubly true when shopping, as the saying goes, “Credit but no confirmation.”