Queen of the wardrobe

A separate dressing room has become an integral part of the planning of a family home or newly exhibited apartment in recent years. Modern homes rely on it, and every woman wants it. The wardrobe, in contrast to the usual wardrobe, defines the space for our clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, handbags, etc.You have everything well together, so avoid storing winter clothes in the summer, and vice versa. Also, you have all the shoes in one place and you do not have to search them in the basement box.
ideální šatna
But not every apartment has the temperament to indulge in it. Most often there is not enough space for another wardrobe. However, there is another form that can be considered. But it still depends on the layout of the space and dimensions.
If you have a rectangular bedroom and you have a lot of unused space on the front door, you can make a kingdom here. The space can be divided in several ways. Who wants to embark on a more complex reconstruction can take advantage of the work of plastering and have a public partition. But even if this space is closed and there are no windows, it is necessary to rely on the power supply to give enough light to the dressing room. The 2nd possible solution is the manufacture of custom-made cabinets that can be used as walls from one side and as cabinets from the other. It can reach up to the ceiling, but it does not have to.
šatna oddělena příčkou
Then you can fill the space with decorations, flowers and lights. In this case, additional lighting should also be addressed. Another option is to use hinges for this purpose. This option seems to be the most ideal both in terms of complexity and price. If necessary, you can pull off the curtains and use the light in the room, so that there is no work with additional lighting. The hinges can be joined and can also be rotated at right angles on sliding rails. Textiles in the interior generally give an elegant impression and always make the room cozy. For example, if you throw a light net on it, you will get an excellent interior decoration and an intimate light for night relaxation.