Resistance is actually a plus

You may know that uncomfortable feeling when you peer into the theater and realize it doesn\’t flatter you much. It\’s as if your body, which not so long ago was toned, has become a little squishy. Standing on the scale, unfortunately, your feelings are interestingly confirmed. The scale must be broken. There is no doubt about that. And when you see the doctor, he weighs you and says something to the effect that you need to lose some pounds, at least 10 or 20. Well, that\’s what they say. But how do I put that into action? Start going to the gym? To gloat over chubby guys in brand-name jerseys and chiseled women in tight T-shirts and leggings? Certainly not such humiliation.
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But certainly not a reason to resign. Why not try it at your own weight? Resistance is welcome. Start training with resistance bands. This is training with your own body weight. Of course, there are several types of resistance bands. It depends on whether you are a beginner or an advanced exerciser. The easiest is to divide them by color, but each color has important parameters. It also depends on whether the man or woman is into training and his or her weight.
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Color can be used to distinguish between the two.

Red resistance rubber – Lowest resistance.
– 23] Light blue resistance rubber – has similar uses as red, although the resistance limit is slightly higher.
Pink resistance rubber – Higher resistance than the previous one. Suitable for stretching and warming up and as additional resistance. The most versatile resistance rubber.

Pink resistance rubber – Stiffer rubber, suitable for interesting exercises with your own body.
Purple Resistance Rubber – The most versatile rubber. Suitable for stretching large areas where a lot of resistance is needed.
Green Resistance Rubber – Very hard rubber suitable for those with good strength.
– [48]Dark blue resistance rubber, orange resistance rubber. 50]
This is already a caliber for really strong people. Also suitable for high weight people just starting to exercise.