What medications should I buy before my vacation?

The basic first aid kit is a bandage. Band-aids with different sized dressings are useful for abrasions and small wounds, as well as elastic bandages to stop bleeding from larger wounds. If traveling by car, make sure the first aid kit is properly stocked. In European Union countries, its contents are specified by DIN 13164.
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Fighting Infections

Despite the good climate and warm temperatures, the common cold is the most common illness that people get when traveling. It is recommended that you have nasal sprays and immunization products available for use when the first symptoms of infection appear. In addition, it is advisable to have symptomatic medications such as throat lozenges, nasal drops, and fever reducers available. Women prone to vaginal infections and urinary tract infections should not forget probiotic balls, mild antibiotics, and antifungal ointments.

Control the digestive system

Culinary experiments and changes in the bacterial flora surrounding us can easily lead to digestive disorders. To prevent this, stock up on probiotic products. We should start taking them a few days before our trip and continue until we return home. In addition, a first aid kit should include anti-diarrhea medicine, stomach pain medicine, and water-soluble minerals. In the case of food poisoning, antidiarrheal medications are contraindicated because they delay the elimination of toxins and bacteria from the body. However, if food poisoning occurs during a car trip or intense travel, antidiarrheal medications may be necessary.
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What else?

To properly pack a first aid kit, do not forget pain relievers, antiallergic medications, and cooling sprays after burns. Also, many medications need to be kept cool, so let\’s look at the best conditions for storing medications. Try to choose one that is resistant to changing conditions.