Economic situation in the EU

The functioning of the market between the 28 EU member states is a huge trade network: the EU economy is mainly trying to create as many new jobs as possible and generate the highest overall economic growth. Above all, they seek to make proper use of finance and remove obstacles to investment. Technical support for translators

mapa eu In terms of the total value of all goods and services created, the EU has a wealth of SEK 15.3 trillion. I cannot even begin to imagine that huge amount. But I do know that it can be used in many different fields and sectors. It could change the world. But the business world we are in is not that simple and never will be. More than 64% of total trade takes place between EU countries, and the rest of the trade is about 15% of the world\’s imports and exports. China, the U.S., and the EU are the major trading powers in general. The Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in the entire EU. Isn\’t this great news? Another factor affecting the EU economy is online shopping. It is becoming increasingly popular. The statistics on electronic purchases are constantly growing, especially among young users. Almost 70 users surveyed said they have no problems with online shopping
hromada pětidolarovek
hromada pětidolarovek
The EU is also trying to get funding from so-called renewable sources. They want to prevent disasters. They want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, secure greener energy sources, and reduce dependence on the fossil fuel market. Like oil and natural gas. They want to replace them with hydroelectricity, wind power, solid biofuels, etc. In 2020, Europe aims to achieve the principles of the knowledge economy. It is sustainable and primarily promotes inclusion, whether social or local.